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How To Cooling of Fanless industrial Computer

At present, the most popular cooling method for industrial computers is the fanless cooling system. Some friends know about computers. The general computer cooling system is equipped with a cooling fan. The operation of the computer, the motherboard is running at high speeds that drive the CPU, causing the temperature of the processor to be too high. If the temperature of the CPU exceeds a certain level of stability, the computer will stop operating and severely burn down the internal hardware.So what does a fanless industrial computer rely on to dissipate heat? Coral Computers will show you how to dissipate our fanless industrial computers and industrial tablets.

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First of all, let's take a look at the internal structure of the industrial computer, and then understand its heat dissipation.Industrial PC, also known as industrial computer host, is a hardware assembly that integrates industrial motherboard, CPU, memory, motherboard, hard disk, I/O input and output interface. In addition, we know that the industrial computer is driven by the front bezel, the I/O interface and the power switch on the baffle. The black part is the aluminum alloy profile. The fin design is mainly used to increase the heat dissipation area. 

In terms of heat dissipation, our fanless mini PC uses aluminum profiles. This aluminum profile is designed to increase the heat dissipation area and stabilize the operation of the industrial computer. Our structural engineers have learned that our industrial computer is applied to this aluminum profile. The aluminum alloy is in a semi-melting state, and the modeling frame is used to pour the semi-melting aluminum alloy into the aluminum alloy. An embossed strip-shaped outer casing is formed.After extruding the rear shell, the hole is punched through the machining process to facilitate the installation of the industrial computer.

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When we made fins, our structural engineers took into account our product assembly issues. During assembly, the back of the heat-dissipating fin of the industrial computer is machined, and the opening is slotted, which facilitates the assembly of the front and rear baffles and the installation of the main board. The heat dissipation of the fanless industrial computer relies on the large-area aluminum fin design, and the heat dissipation block of the CPU transfers heat to the fins to achieve efficient heat dissipation.

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